Modification of Power Supply

We has discovered that some +/- 15V (17V) power supplies has, under certain types of overload, drawn so much current from the transformer that it has been overheated. That leads to an unnecessary expensive repair in some cases. To avoid this, an extra fuse (500mAT) is mounted in the secondary circuit and the old fuse is changed in order to get 2x500mAT fuses in the secondary circuit. The drawing shows into which wire the extra fuse is mounted for the different type of equipment.

The necessary parts to make this modification is available as a kit called "MOD 1A/93". The kit is free of charge if you return the note filled out with information about type, serial no and date of modification to Mik-El. Be kind to put the label "MOD. 1A/93" on the back of the equipment to later easily identify it. Here you can find an updated list of which number that have been modified og which hasn't.

It is no problem or represents no danger to use unmodified equipment. It is only in rare cases that a repair will be unnecessary expensive.

CO-SCC103 Mod1A


CO-SL133U/SL133B Mod1A


CO-SL133E Mod1A


CO-SL143EG Mod1A

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