Cooling of Chilton Power Supply PS30 and PS30B

By using the CM2 mixers with LED-baragraphs and all modules in place it has been incidents of overheating of certain parts of the PS30/PS30B powers supplies. It is especially the diode bridge (D1), but also the regulators that have been overheating. By using the diode bridge type BR34 (part no. 11.00100) with a heat sink type D1PS200HS mounted as D1, the main problem is solved. Mounting a heat sink type PS30HS on the back of the power supply will lower the temperature in the regulators (Z 1 and Z 2) which are mounted on the inside.

The overheating can cause noise and hum in the mixer and in some case cause a collapse of the power supply (dead mixer).

You can get these modifications done by us if you send us your power supply, or you can order the necessary part by us. It is possible (if You live in Norway and we have a PS30 in stock) to get a power supply from us while Yours are in for modification by us.

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