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CAD 202 Stereo Line input module

CAD202 Stereo Line module


REF LEVEL: L-R adjustable 10dB.


LINE 2: Selects from 2 balanced sources.


L – Left to both channels. R – Right to both channels.

L+R – Mono sum + 6dB.

TRIM: Fine adjust 15dBs. Post Line switch.

120Hz: 12dB/octive H.P.F.


HF: 15dB shelving, 6Db/octive.

DEFAULT 270 Hz: Mid Select.

270-550-860-1k1Hz. Q-0.8.

2k7-5k5-8k6-11kHz x10

MID: 15dB control.


LF: 15dB shelving, 6dB/octive.

EQ: Equalizer in/out not H.P.F.


A1: Mono summation L+R, jumper select pre or post.


A2: Mono summation L+R, post only.

DUCK: Channel controlled from selected master duck. Disabled when selected as master.

PAN: Pan/Balance, unity gain in centre.

PGM: Assigns channel direct to programme bus.

AUD: Assigns channel direct to Audition module 204.

SUB: Assigns channel direct to Sub-Group module 204.

ON LED: Indicates channel is on, also status of Fader. Green fully off, Orange active.

ON SW: Enables VCA’s. Can be pre-set to control remote stop/start.

PFL: Assigns the panned stereo image to monitor phones, meters or controlroom loudspeakers.




FADER: 100mm. movement. Switch electronic can be pre-set to control stop/start.

Bargraph shows summation of PFL level peak reading, +18dB 6dB below clip.

PFL by default is disabled when Fader is opened. Jumper override is provided.


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