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CAD 203 Telephone input module

CAD203 Telephone input module



REF LEVEL: Adjust level of Clean-feed to caller


CALL: LED on/off (flashing) call in coming. LED on call on hold. PFL or channel ON will hold call.



TRIM: Fine adjust 15dB.

BAR: Normally reads Post Trim. Send selects level to caller on Bargraph indicator.




MID: Caller voice correction. 300Hz to 3kHz. Q-0.8.


MID: 15dB control.



EQ: Voice correction in/out.


A1: Jumper select pre/post Fader.


A2: Post Fader only.

DUCK: Channel controlled from selected master duck. Disabled when selected as master.

PAN: Positions the signal in an stereo image. Unity gain in centre +3dB at each end.

PGM: Assigns channel direct to programme bus.

AUD: Assigns channel direct to Audition module 204.

SUB: Assigns channel direct to Sub-Group module 204.

ON LED: Indicates channel is on, also status of Fader. Green fully off, Orange active. Channel off will release call subject to PFL disabled. With delay of 3 seconds.

ON SW: Enables VCA’s. Can be pre-set to control remote stop/start.

PFL: Assigns the panned stereo image to monitor phones, meters or controlroom loudspeakers.


FADER: 100mm. movement. Switch electronic can be pre-set to control stop/start.


TB: Reverse Talk-Back to caller on or off air, via 207 Mic.

Bargraph shows incomming call level Post Fade, +18dB 6dB below clip.

PFL by default is disabled when Fader is opened. Jumper override is provided.

Balanced Send and Return to External Hybrids.


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