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CAD 204 Audition and Sub-group module

CAD204 Audition and Sub-group module















REF LEVEL: L and R adjust for required output level. Reference between 10dB.





A1: Mono summation L+R. Jumper select pre/post Fader.


A2: Mono summation L+R. Post Fader only.



PAN: Pan/Balance, unity gain in centre.

PGM: Assigns group direct to programme bus.


ON LED: Indicates channel is on, also status of Fader. Green fully off, Orange active.

ON SW: Enables VCA’s. Can be pre-set to control remote output.

PFL: Allows pre-fade stereo image to monitor phones, meters or controlroom loudspeakers.





FADER: 100mm. movement. Switch electronic can be pre-set to control remote output.

Bargraph shows summation of PFL level, +18dB 6dB below clip.

PFL by default is disabled when Fader is opened. Jumper override is provided.


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