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CAD 205 Programme Output module

C205 Programme output module




LIMIT LEVEL: Set the maximum output level for the compressor in limit mode.


REDUCE: 4 LED’s show amount of gain reduction.


RATIO: Variable control with 1:1@OFF and 20:1@Limit.

INS: Compressor in/out.




OUTPUT LEVEL: L and R adjust for required output level. Reference between 10dB.




MONO: Master output level control. Sum of L+R +3dB.

AFL: After Fade Listen to PFL on monitors.



ATTACK - RELEASE: Front panel Pre-Sets.



DUCK: Duck or Voice Over controls.


MANUAL. Adjustment from the DEPTH control (master).





LIVE: Indicates fader is active.




FADER: 100mm. movement. Controls both L and R VCA’s.

Insert points, REF @0dBm. Provides earth compensated send and fully balanced return.



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