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CAD 206 Auxiliary and Control-room module

C206 Auxiliary and Control-room module









A1-A2: Master output auxiliary controls to electronically balanced outputs.


AFL: After Fade Listen of auxiliaries on PFL monitors.






Ex 1-SUB: Left and Right source select Touch Buttons to control-room monitors. Electronically interlocked, current button disables previous.





MUTE: Mutes control-room loudspeaker, can be jumper select to dim @ -20dB. Mute LED on if control-room microphone is active.

PFL: Select Pre Fade Listen to loudspeaker.




SPLIT: Allows simultaneous monitoring on headphones of selected signal and PFL.




LOCAL: Overrides module control of Timer.


S-S: Start/Stop manual timer.


DUMP: Use with DELAY unit.



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