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CAD 207 Studio and Communication module

C207 Studio and Communication module



+17v. –17v. +48v. +5v.: Power supply status.





OSC ON: Activates internal Oscillator @ 1kHz. Disabled when "ON AIR".

REF LEVEL: Set oscillator level 10dB internal and external.

10kHz: Select 10kHz internal oscillator.

PGM. AUD. SUB: Assigns oscillator to busses.







Ex 1-SUB: Left and Right source select Touch Buttons to studio monitors. Electronically interlocked, current button disables previous.




MUTE: Mutes studio loudspeaker. Mute LED on if studio microphones are active.





REMOTE: Select External Microphone.

TALK-BACK: Built-in electret microphone with master level control. Also used with C203 Telephone module.




EXT: Assignable with logic to one External destignation with reverse communication and level adjust.


A1-A2: Assign to auxiliary busses.


ST: Assign to studio loudspeakers and phones.


PHONES: Connected to control-room stereo output. Load 8 to 2000W .


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