CO-LP300 Lightpower is an AC-power supply for the cuelights in a radio- or television-studio. It can deliver a maximum of 3 Amp. 24VAC to the lights. It is divided into 3 main sections each fused with 1.6AT Fuses.

It contains of a 24VAC source, 24VDC power supply for the relays and 4 relays for the STUDIO-, CONTROLROOM-, DIRECT- and LINE-functions. There is an input for the relays where You can choose to use common earth, common + or use an external +24VDC source for switching.

LP300The lightpower will deliver between 24 and 28 VAC to the bulbs depending on the line voltage and how much current You draw. We recommend the use of 28V bulbs, that will give almost as high intensity as the use of 24V bulbs on a 24VDC regulated supply, but will increase the lifetime of the bulbs considerably.

CO-LP300 goes nicely together with the CO-SCC103 Studio Control Center and the CO-SL143EG Studio Line Amplifier.

lig12.gif (3038 bytes)Here is a suggestion to how You can connect those three together to give You the ultimate of lightindication. We are using two PFK4x0.22mm2 cables, one between the LYS-connector of the CO-SCC103 and the Lightpower input, and one between the LIGHT-connector of the CO-SL143EG and the Lightpower input.Back to Productlist