For the Studio Control Center we make two types of remoteboards. Both is double types, i.e. they contain two separate remote controls.

CO-RC12CO-RC12 is a double remoteboard of the loop type with the possiblity of an inverted function. In the normal position it operates the switch when the input is connected to earth. By moving two jumpers one can get it to work the other way around, i.e. You will break the connection when the input is connected to earth.

CO-RC22CO-RC22 contains two seperate remote controls of the pulse type, voltage regulator and delayed turn on to avoid unwanted pulses when the unit is switched on. You will get a 300ms start-pulse when the input is connected to earth, and a 300ms stop-pulse when disconnected from earth. All remote switches are isolated and are able of switching 10VA at max current: 750mA and max voltage: 150V.Back to Productlist