CO-SCC103 Studio Control Center is made in a 2U high 19" rack case and measures 432x88x350 mm. without rack-angles.

CO-SCC103It contains logic for remote, amplifiers, power supplies, on/off air lights, muting for cough, buzzer (cue) and relays for studio- and controlroomspeakers. On the mainboard there is space for 5 remoteboards which contains two remote controls each, i.e. a total of 10 remotes is possible. It is delivered with 3 remoteboards of the CO-RC22 type plugged in, i.e. 6 remote controls of the pulse type. In addition there is remote for 2 telephone hybrids (loop type). Inputs to all remotes is done in a 25 pin D-sub connector at the rear marked: MIKSER. All remotes is activated by contact to common earth, which ensures a simple and reliable connection between the mixer and the Studio Control Center. All remote contacts is isolated and is capable of switching 10VA, max current: 750mA, max voltage: 150V.

The power supplies deliver 24V/1A to the logic, lights, relays, buzzer, and Radio Return amplifier, and + 15V/800mA to the amplifiers.

There is two relays that changes the white- and red-lights to studio and controlroom. Another relay is muting the stereo-line to the amplifier for the controlroomspeakers when using self-up (red-light in the controlroom). Then there is also a relay to mute the studiospeaker when the studio red-light is on.

There is one monoamplifier for the studioloudspeaker. Headphoneamplifiers for headphones in the studio and for producerheadphone (the feed to this is taken from the 2 microphonechannels coupled to the cough-muting). A stereoamplifier amplifies up the signal from the tuner to line level in order to listen to Your return signal with the correct level. There is also connection for a coughbox (CO-SS02B) which is placed on the table in the studio and provides you with ON-AIR light, Cough-button and a Cue-button which sounds a buzzer in the controlroom.

CO-SCC103 ConnectorsAll connections is clearly marked and available at the rear using standard connectors.

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