CO-SJB03CO-SJB03 Studio Jack box is made to be mounted on the wall in the studio to get the necessary connections between the control room and the studio. This new version has cutouts for 12 connectors that use standard Neutrik cutouts. The customer can configure it by choose between the following connectors: 3-, 4-, 5- and 6pins male or female XLR’s and 1/4" Stereo Jack. The price is calculated by adding the cost of connectors to the basic price for the box. You have to use 12 connectors and/or blind panels.

A normal configuration for local radios are: 3 pcs. 1/4" Jacks for headsets, 6 pcs. XLR-3F for microphones, 2 pcs. XLR-3M for the studio speaker and 1 pcs. XLR-5F for the Studiosignalbox (3-6-2-1).

It is made of a solid diecast box that mounts on the wall with four screws. It has a durable and easy to read engraving on the front.

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