CO-SL143EG Studio Line Amplifier is made in a 1U high 19" rack case and measures 432x44x265 mm. without rack-angles. It is a stereo line amplifier with some extra facilities that increase the usability of Your studio and make an increase in security. The increase in security is due to the "isolation" between the different outputs by the use of amplifiers. The LEDs at the front gives You quickly information about the operating mode.

CO-SL143EGThe Studio Line Amplifier contains two electronically balanced stereo inputs, one from the mixer output and one direct input where to put another source like a tape recorder directly on air using the switches on the front. Then it has four electronically balanced stereo outputs to tape recorders, three unbalanced stereo outputs to cassette players (at phono level) and one transformer balanced stereo line output to transmitter with protection against voltage sparks and inserts for connection of limiters or similar equipment.

The input-section is made up of four XLR-connectors for the two electronically balanced inputs. The engraving make it easy to make correct connections.

CO-SL143EG BaksideThe output-section is made up of two sections. The one at the left is a 5-pin XLR for the stereo line to the transmitter together with two 1/4" Jack for inserts.

The other is a 30-pin DIN 41622 connector for the balanced outputs to tape recorders, and phono-connectors for unbalanced outputs to cassette players. In addition there is a 4-pin DIN-connector where it is possible to let the switches at the front remote some lights to show the mode You are working in.Back to Productlist