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Chilton AH2 Telephone Hybrid Front


The Chilton AH Analogue telephone hybrid is supplied as 1U rack mounted equipment with single (AH-1) or twin (AH-2) channel units.

The telephone hybrid is a two to four wire converter which provides the interface between caller on the telephone line and the input of the mixing desk.

An electronically balanced line input is provided with adjustable gain to phone line "Tx" this is limited at –6dBu which is adjustable.

A floating balanced transformer line output with adjustable gain from phone line "Rx" is provided this can be monitored on a 10 segment LED bar indicator.

A Half Duplex switch is provided which improves the overall side-tone rejection with studio priority. The rear 9 pin port allows remote control of line hold, half duplex, hold indication and ring detect. A telephone can be connected directly to the BT socket. A 4way BT extension lead is supplied between the "Telecom Line" and the "Tele Line" input.

The audio "Line in" is connected to the mixing console clean feed or auxiliary output. The "Studio Out" to the designated mixer input channel.

To adjust the balance, ring out to a user friendly line and adjust the auxiliary output or Tx pre-set for the limit LED to just glow, depress the Bal switch and adjust R and C pre-sets for minimum pink noise on console headphones. Release Bal switch and auto balance will take over. Balance is not disabled during double-talk.

Chilton AH Schematic

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