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Chilton Studio Switcher Unit Front


The Chilton Studio Switcher Unit completes the family of quality rack units manufactured by CHILTON. Chilton Studio Switcher Unit is independent, fully self-powered including remote switches no other units of PCBs are required. The unit allows a stereo signal to be switched from up-to four different sources (studios) to the transmitter / output equipment.

The unit includes a separate stereo pair of XLRs for the input signal and a remote port for the Offer and Accept switches to activate the logic remotely for each studio. Each studio works on Offer + Accept (On Air) logic, i.e. Studio One is On Air, the Accept (On Air) switch is illuminated and Studio One activates the Offer switch, the Offer switch illuminates in all studios, when Studio Two is ready, the Accept (On Air) is activated, Studio Two Accept (On Air) switch illuminates and is now On Air, all Offer switches + Studio One Accept (On Air) switch turns off. The Offer switch will illuminate for 2 minutes then logic is disabled until the Offer switch is activated again, the remote switches Offer + Accept illuminate brightly with no problems due to long lead lengths.

The CMOS logic has trickle charge battery back up and will store the last setting during power failure, the Switcher Unit can be used without the battery and will return to Offer status after power failure. The front panel indicates the status of the switching and allows manual reset to Offer status.

The power supply allows mains voltage drop 245V AC down to 150V AC or 120V AC down to 75V AC.

Chilton SSU Block Schematic

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