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Chilton VCA 4 Front


The Chilton VCA 4 OUT Headphone Amplifier allows balanced or unbalanced stereo line inputs with MASTER VOLUME control and MONO select to 4 separate stereo output jacks with VOLUME level control.

The source signal is normally connected to the rear XLR inputs or front panel jack sockets or rear XLRs.

Each VCA can be controlled from 3 summing inputs.

  1. Front panel Volume.
  2. Remote port for each stereo output.
  3. Remote port for master control of all outputs.

Normally the master volume control is turned fully up and is adjusted for very high input levels, maximum input +26dBs.

  1. Can be used as manual VOLUME control or limit level to headphones.
  2. Used by either control-room to adjust level or headphone user preference.
  3. Allows remote setting of maximum level or fade of all outputs simultaneously from level set by front panel Volume control.

The REMOTE PORT 15way D-connector allows 4 stereo and 1 master each with 3 wire connections to a standard 10k ohm linear potentiometer or fader. No additional common or supply is required. Each has a separate 5 volt regulator with 100 ohm limit resistor.

Chilton Schematic VCA

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