Service on modules and circuits must be done by qualified personnel.

If an fault are located to a certain module, it can be removed by following the steps shown under. Then the module can be sent to the representative of CHILTON in Norway (Mik-El) for service.

It is possible, as a part of Mik-El high quality service, to get a module of same type as the one needing service in order to keep the mixer running at full capacity during service. The rent for this module are free (you pay only freight) if you return a module of same type for repair. If, however the customer fail to return any modules before or after service, he will have to pay rent. We ask kindly everybody to return modules that have been rented as soon as possible after service.

In order to remove or put in modules, You will need a pozidriver no. 2 and a pair of pliers (for the M2 and M3/M43 modules).


  1. Switch off the Power Supply.
    This is very important. If You failed to do so, you will damage the module!!
  2. Remove the 3 or 4 screws at the bottom of the meterbridge, open it and secure it in open position.
  3. On the M1/M41 and M4/M48 modules you must unplug the minijack for the faderswitch. On M2 and M3/M43 you disconnect the white plastic connector. (Use the pliers to remove the plastic connector – DO NOT pull the wires.)
  4. Then You remove the black poziscrew at the top of the module and the black plastic nuts on the jack at the rear.
  5. Now you lift up the front of the module using the knob of the A2 or PAN. (Using the MON knob on the M3/M43 modules)

    NB! Do not lift the module using the fader knob, it will damage the fader. NB!
  6. Mounting a modules is reverse of the above. Be careful to get the connectors at the rear correctly into the cut-outs in the frame before you push it down into the buss connector.

    Tighten the plastic nuts on the jacks only by hand.Back to Service mainpage