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The CAD200 series of modules can be supplied as a retrofit into the CAD400 frame, where the requirement is for a basic control panel format with cost advantage. But with the same standard of both ON AIR and POST PRODUCTION facilities.

A special feature of the design is SOLID STATE SWITCHING on all assignment, pfl, ch.on and monitor select touch buttons, those with LEDs on left hand side, plus the button will only activate when pushed in the centre, with a life cycle of 30 million operations.

All faders control VCAs, with full remote control allowing both fader or channel on stop/start via opto-isolators

4 Clean Feeds are provided allowing use of four 203 Telephone Modules.

Stereo Limiters are fitted in the 205 programme outputs module with a variable ratio control from 0 to 20.

The Timer can be controlled from the faders or Local Stop/start button on 206 module.

Various meter options can be provided but Baragraphs are required on the 16 module frame.

C201 Mono Microphone or Line module C202 Stereo Line module C203 Telephone module C204 Audition and Sub-group module C205 Program Output module C208 Source module C206 Auxiliary and Control-room module C207 Studio and Communication module
CAD201 Mono Microphone/Line module CAD202 Stereo Line module CAD203 Telephone module CAD204 Audition and Sub-group module CAD205 Program Output module CAD208.gif (19672 bytes) CAD206.gif (11946 bytes) CAD207.gif (30028 bytes)

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